To the one With Abba’s Eyes

Hey You!

I have been thinking about you a lot lately, almost too much in fact. One minute I’m typing an article on my brother’s laptop, another I’m swinging the chair backwards, head thrown back and imagining you twirling me in the middle of a room in a house party and how great you’ll smell when we do that let-go-of-her-before-drawing-her-into-a-deep-embrace part of the dance.

How I’ll forget myself in your arms, eyes closed, arms around you,moving slowly and softly like we just found our forever spot with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Perfect' playing in the background. How it will feel like heaven. How time will suddenly become inexistent and we won’t even notice when the music stops because we already switched to dancing to the symphony of our combined heart beats. How our friends will have to snap us out of it and ask who charmed who.

You know what else has been on my mind; your laughter. How it will be like music to my ears. How my heart will skip a beat when the first pitch in your voice lands like the last drop of ‘water making an ocean' on my ear drums. How I’ll stare long at you as you take multiple jerks before joining you in this activity that has no defined sound.

Just today I thought of how looking into your eyes will feel; unlocking a treasure box. Turning the key with every blink. Unlocking this box that holds within it the depth of the affection we share. A love that feels like that crisp that comes with uncovering a new car. A love that has both of our ‘mumu' buttons lost in the depth of the ocean. A love that is not too careful to sail on the ship of absolute vulnerability. A love that is not bound by memories of repeated scenes of betrayal. A love that breaks the cycle of wearing masks. A love that leaves no scars.

How I will look into your eyes and see a familiar color. A color that transcends all spectrums. A color that pierces deep. The color of Abba’s reckless love, planted in the centre of your gaze.

Just so you know, I already have screenshots of haircut hair styles I think will look really good on you. You are welcome😌

Since we are both still playing hide and seek, I’ll keep adding to the Jpeg album to bless you with when you are ready to seek or be sought.

Now that I have written this down, can you let me work in peace.


The girl whose mind you seem addicted to running through

All Picture Credit: Unsplash



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